My days would consist of 
✔️running errands
✔️going to sporting events or dance performances
✔️working a full-time job
✔️working a part-time job
✔️picking up more shifts
✔️spending family time
✔️going to this party or that party

In all that running around, I JUST DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO EAT. There were some days that I WOULD STOP AND GET WHATEVER FOOD I SAW AND MY BODY MIGHT HAVE WANTED A SALAD, BUT I WOULD ORDER A LARGE SUB, CHIP, LARGE SODA, PRETZELS AND CINNAMON ROLL!! When I would snack it would be the WHOLE FAMILY SIZE PACK OF TWIZZLER!! Oh, there is a Taco Bell, I’m going to order 8 tacos 🌮 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮, EVEN THOUGH I JUST ATE!!!!!

I had a HUGE WAKE UP CALL, when I invited to a friend’s birthday and I was trying to put on my jeans and I JUST COUKD NOT FIT!!!! I held the belt loop and tried to jump into them and OPPPPPS THERE WENT THE BELT LOOP!!!! It ripped!!! I used to wear sweatpants and yoga pants everyday so I never realized what I had done to my body by NOT PUTTING MYSELF FIRST!!! 

It’s happens, but the solution is to PUT YOURSELF FIRST to prevent binge eating!