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Q: Why is it important to put myself first?

A: You can’t pour into another person’s glass if your glass is empty. In other words, you can’t help someone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Q: Why do I feel guilty when I put myself first?

A: Because you are a giver! It is in our nature to feel bad when we put ourselves first. We feel it’s not right to take time for ourselves, but that’s SO WRONG! You cannot give someone or something 100% if you are feeling like your personal battery is at 1%.

Q: Is there really a way to get rid of guilt?

A: YES! YES! YES! Guilt can be kicked to the curb with, consistency, time, self-awareness and by defeating the mind. We will use my 3 WAYS TO WIN to achieve this!

Q: Will I fall back into my old ways?

A: No, as long as you are willing to be consistent with it. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to do what makes YOUR SOUL HAPPY! Read the book you have been putting off. Go for the run that you scheduled three months ago. Buy yourself a cup of tea. Ties your shoes and get to the gym. Sleep-in. Go for a nature hike.

Q: Have you help other working moms and wives?

A: Yes, I have! I have been help working moms and wives for the past 15 years. 

Q: What if I have a day that I fall into the guilt and forget to put myself first?

A: No worries, tomorrow is a new day. Regroup! Refocus! Reclaim!

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