This post is really important, because I really want to remind you that you should not feel guilty about taking ‘ME TIME’! You are a mom and wife, that too a working mom and wife. A good working mom and wife is healthy! A healthy working mom and wife is not stressed, not exhausted, not tired, not overwhelmed, not sippy, not having emotional ups and downs constantly, not feeling bombarded and not feeling like she can’t handle life. That is why taking ‘ME TIME’ is such a BIG WIN WIN, not even just for the working mom and wife, but for the WHOLE FAMILY! It’s a great feeling to take a least 30 minutes a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY to do something that makes your soul happy, that excites you, gets you going, that energizes you and regroups you. For at least 30 minutes a day take yourself away from EVERYTHING that is going on in the world and in your life and JUST FOCUS ON YOU, YOUR ‘ME TIME’! It can be as easy as reading a book or going for a walk! I cannot emphasizes the importance of this enough!!

The flip side of this coin is that guilt is going to come into play and you are going to feel like a horrible mom for taking ‘ME TIME’, BUT YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON THE BENEFITS OF IT! You need to focus on how ‘ME TIME’ is going to help you become a better working mom and wife! YOUR ‘ME TIME’ IS GOING TO BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! You need to look at how NOT TAKING ‘ME TIME’ ISN’T HELPING YOUR FAMILY, IT’S ACTUALLY HURTING YOUR FAMILY! By not taking ‘ME TIME’ you are being short, sippy, overwhelmed and you are tired, and that is not good for you or your family! That isn’t a positive environment to keep yourself or your family in. We want to create a positive environment for our family, the ones that we love the most and care about. How can you take care of them if you don’t take care of yourself? COME ON LET’S BE REAL!! IT’S NOT A BAD THING TO TAKE ‘ME TIME’!!!!!!

I KNOW that the moment you EVEN START to think about taking ‘ME TIME’, that one negative thought of guilt will appear and that’s where it all starts from. Then the next think you know, you are trapped in a BIG SNOWBALL OF GUILT! STOP! STOP! STOP!!!!! IT’S TIME TO COMBAT THAT INITIAL NEGATIVE THOUGHT WITH THE POSITIVE REASONS THAT ‘ME TIME’ WILL HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! This ‘ME TIME’ is going to better you as a working mom and wife!! WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO BETTER YOURSELF? WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO BETTER YOURSELF SO YOU CAN BE MORE AWESOME THAN YOU ALREADY ARE?! By not taking me time you are not able to connect with your true identity, which is preventing you from being YOUR TRUE SELF!!
Did you ever think about it for a second, that whatever you are doing YOUR KIDS ARE WATCHING YOU! By not taking ‘ME TIME’, you are basically showing your kids not to take ‘ME TIME’ and to have an unhealthy environment. IS THAT REALLY HOW YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO GROW UP TO BE? DO YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO THINK THAT IT IS NORMAL NOT TO SLOW DOWN? DO YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO BECOME UNHEALTHY AS WELL? YOU WANT YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO HAVE AN AWESOME LIFE. The ONLY way that they will have an awesome life is IF THEY SEE YOU HAVING AN AWESOME LIFE BY SLOWING DOWN AND TAKING ‘ME TIME’!!!!! It honestly is a give and take. your kids are going to watch EVERY STEP THAT YOU TAKE AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!

Everyone these days just say, ‘I don’t have time for ‘ME TIME.” YES YOU DO! It all has to do with re-prioritizing and saying “NO” to things! YOUR ‘ME TIME’ SHOULD BE HIGH PRIORITY, just like God and your family are! The WAY YOU FEEL WILL REFLECT ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE, YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, YOUR KIDS, YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SPOUSE AND THE WAY YOU TREAT YOUR PETS!