jill's picture “Sunaina and I have been working together for the last few months. She has been my light at the end of a dark tunnel. It seemed like nobody would believe in me, including myself. Sunaina made me feel like I am worthy. She taught me how to work out and eat right for myself. I am still a work in progress, but nobody understands baby steps better than she does! When I make mistakes, she is right there to pick me up. When I triumph, she is my biggest cheerleader! I even dedicated a mile to Sunaina when I ran a marathon last weekend! Thank you, Sunaina! I am so fortunate to call you a friend!” – JILL LORBER from Milwaukee, WI

IMG_6314.jpg “Well, Sunaina definitely helped me realized the power was within me the whole time. Also giving me some logical and direction and having me see that only feeling sad and playing a victim (even tho I was hurt) wasn’t going to take me places. And you let me relate to you in so many ways. It’s just what I needed at that time.” -NAVNOOR BHULLAR from Long Island, NY

IMG-1345 “So, I just told Sunaina today about how she helped me jump out of bed…..I was a habitual “snoozer” with my alarm in the mornings. I almost never hit the snooze button anymore. She has a crazy method to get out of bed that I laughed at. Tried it every morning and within two weeks I was launching out of bed. I don’t know what other miracles she can help accomplish, but that one was fantastic.” -TERESA ROBINSON from Milwaukee, WI

IMG-1471 “If you want/need to be reminded how to actually take care of yourself, and to do so without feeling that dreaded guilty feeling that we all know too well, then you are in the right place. I trusted my situation in Sunaina’s hands and she delivered peace. To make a long story short, I had to run myself into the ground. I was tired, exhausted. A working mom who literally never stopped! I’ve always like to think that I could live that way! Which I could, but I was not truly living the “healthy” life I tried to make myself believe I was. I ended up getting sick, I had inflammation of the sternum which is also called costochondritis. Sunaina reminded me that this surely was a sign that I need to SLOW DOWN and REST. As hard as that was for me to do, I did it. And I know that I got better at the rate I did because of it. It was a great reminder to think of myself sometimes. If I am going to take care of others, I need to take care of myself. I cannot take care of anyone if I am sick, hurt, or not healthy. Do yourself a favor, sign up for a consult today. Sunaina is SO real, and so personal! I am certain that she will find a personalized way for you to get back on track, and to get you feeling like yourself again. Remember, something that she reminds me of often, you are worth it.”– JACKLYN MUHLENBECK from Gladstone, MI